Presenting Sfiziale, the first of our sweet wines, enriching the already vast production from native grapes.
This raisin wine was born to make the most of Aleatico, the grape typical of the Tuscan Archipelago with a thin and delicate skin.



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Grapes are harvested when not yet fully ripe in order to enhance their freshness, then vinified after a period of drying in the fruit cellar, where the temperature is kept at 6° and the humidity at 30%.


Highly intense ruby colour.

The scent is highly penetrating, typical of red fruits, marasca cherry, and raspberry, with subtle hints of tobacco. The flavour is rich and well structured, also due to a high polyphenol content, and finishes soft and mellow.

Pairs well with desserts and is excellent with chocolate.

Gori Andrea, in a tasting at Burde (Florence)

This variety represents an alternative conception: not a real raisin wine, but a fresher, franker version obtained only from young must, without using the skins. The colour is already there, as well as, and above all, every ounce of enchanting scent, which captivates the soul as soon as the glass is raised. This wine’s beauty is that it has neither tannin nor any bitter side; it is only dark, fleshy fruit, and in the mouth it is well-balanced enough as to appear nearly dry.
It is certainly good for chocolate, but above all for well-aged cheeses and for conversation…