Tesoro 2011


A Viognier raisin wine born for the first time from a demijohn forgotten in the barrique cellar, and then rediscovered like a buried treasure!
Three years after planting, this grape’s first harvest (2010) was too small to be vinified as planned. Given the presence of raisining channel at the farm, Stefano (the cellarman) asked Hideyuki if he could try making a white raisin wine. This resulted in about 60 litres of a raisin wine that was absolutely unmarketable.
The demijohn of wine was then “forgotten” in the barrique cellar until the following September when, while preparing the winery for the new vintage, Stefano rediscovered it and decided to try it again… it was excellent.
And that is the story of Bulichella’s new raisin wine, since 2011.



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The grapes, collected in a perfectly sanitary condition in small crates, with a good ripening balance in the ratio of acidity to sugars, are left to dry in the raisining channel with controlled management of temperature and humidity, during which we see the development of Botrytis Cinerea, in its noble form, on about 50% of the grapes.
Upon reaching the desired concentration, the grapes are delicately pressed with their stems, and the must is allowed to ferment in used barriques, again in settings with controlled temperature.
It remains on its lees for about six months.


It is golden yellow to the eye, laden with intense and varied aromas. The prevailing scents are dried fruit, orange, citron, and apricot, accompanied by clear hints of crème caramel and honey, against a lightly spiced background.
The flavour – sweetish and enveloping without being trite – is long and sustained by a good acidity. A fine and elegant, highly persistent aftertaste.