Organic farm


Our vineyard production and our agritourism are organically certified by the inspection body ICEA.
Safeguarding the territory and a proper ecological attitude are the basis upon which Hideyuki and Marisa, in 1983, went off to grow their farm business in harmony with the surrounding nature. All of us continue to uphold these principles as we strive to be eco-friendly in the field, in the winery, in our office, and in the kitchen.

The breakfast buffet consists mainly of organic products. Cakes are homemade by our own cook, as are the preserves. The restaurant’s meals are prepared with locally-sourced organic vegetables, and in part with offerings from our own garden. Pasta and flours are certified organic. We believe strongly in short supply chains: we therefore source our meat, milk, cheeses, and charcuterie from local producers.
Being eco-friendly also means: switching off lights when not needed; not laundering towels that have yet to be used; maintaining separate waste collection; and limiting the use of disposable products.
All this is part of an important life choice that we love sharing with our guess.

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