Bulichella Extravirgin Olive Oil IGP, the best in Val di Cornia


The Tirreno and Maremma Chamber of Commerce promoted a Concours for four different variety of Extravirgin Olive Oil: IGP Toscano, Conventional, Organic and Monovarietale.

21 Farms have been proposing their Extravirgin Olive Oils

For each category here are the winners:

I.G.P. Toscano

1)      LA BULICHELLA srl di Hideyuki Miyakawa – Suvereto

2)      PETRICCI E DEL PIANTA s.s.  di Petricci Pietro & Del Pianta Marilena – Suvereto

3)      VERDEOLIO di Seravalle Matteo –  Piombino


1)      LA PIASTRAIA di Pazzagli Orlando – Suvereto

2)      LA CORTINA di Pazzagli Giovanni – Suvereto

3)      PIETRASCA  di Russo Antonio – Suvereto


1)      LE PIANE DEL MILIA di Lombardi Carlo – Suvereto

2)      INCONTRI di Martelli Alessandro – Suvereto

3)      RONCAREGGI IDA di Roncareggi Ida  – San Vincenzo


1)      PIETRASCA di Russo Antonio – Suvereto (varietà Leccio del Corno)

2)      PIETRASCA  di Russo Antonio – Suvereto (varietà Maurino)

3)      IL BOTTACCIO  di Luca Guglielmi – Piombino (varietà frantoio)

“Val di Cornia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is growing of quality and reputation, I congratulate and thanks all the the producers who chose to subject their oils to the committee” – says councilor Jessica Pasquini – “Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of excellence that deserves great attention, and provides important insights from the healthy point of view and gastronomic pairing for the exaltation of the flavors of our land”


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