We are 2 km from Suvereto, in Val di Cornia, a Medieval village north of the Maremma region at the boundary with the Bolgheri area, overlooking the sea with the island of Elba just off the coast.
Currently, La Bulichella (42 hectares in total) has 17 hectares of vineyards, 10 hectares of olive groves, a pond, a vegetable garden with orchard, a part dedicated to agritourism, and a small portion of woods.
The real turning point towards high-quality, characteristic organic farming took place in the 1990s, when Mr. Miyakawa and his wife Marisa decided to invest in the production that was and is most typical of Suvereto and the entire Val di Cornia area: wine. 
Underlying our project is everyday work and attention to detail.
The year 1997 saw the addition of a new winery, which evolved over the years and now boasts cutting-edge technologies. But the real revolution took place in the vineyard. New vineyards were planted, and after some years of trialling, the grape varieties were chosen that characterize our production today.
Small quantities and selected grapes to enhance and concentrate the quality of our vines, hard work in the vineyard to interpret, year by year, the requirements and special features that will characterize our portion of production.

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