Olive oil


Out of a total of 42 hectares belonging to the farm, 10 hectares are dedicated to the olive grove with about 1,600 trees.
The types of olive tree present at Bulichella are Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoiano and Razza.

Our olive trees are treated only with organic substances; synthetics, chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, animal gelatins, and GMOs are forbidden.

For anti-parasite treatment we use copper and sulphur, and at any rate only natural substances.
Farm work is carried out with complete respect for the tree and the surrounding environment: trees are hand-pruned, and olives are hand-picked, dropping into nets spread out on the ground.

This adherence to natural and organic farming results in lower output (vines, olives, etc.) and higher production costs.

The oil is extracted exclusively by mechanical pressure, immediately after being picked, and its temperature is constantly monitored.

The result is an oil of superior quality, tasty and rich in vitamins, high in antioxidants and cholesterol free.
The colour is bright yellowish green; the flavour is moderately fruity and highly aromatic, sweet to the palate, fine, perfumed, savoury, with spicy and bitter hints in the mouth. Bulichella oil is rich in polyphenols.

It is excellent to enjoy on bread, vegetables, cereals, pasta, and vegetable soups. Here, it is the essential ingredient of the typical Tuscan “schiaccia,” a focaccia-like flatbread.

Our oil has certification from ICEA – one of Italy’s leading organic monitoring bodies.


The olives are cold-pressed separately as organic production to prevent contamination by other crops, at the olive press of Consorzio Terre dell’Etruria, a consortium of local producers.

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